Author Topic: for sale Defender 90 Hard top 2.5 diesel for sale  (Read 888 times)

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for sale Defender 90 Hard top 2.5 diesel for sale
« on: August 08, 2017, 06:19:07 PM »
Hi there, after long hard thinking (yes it really hurt)....i wavered back and forth on whether to sell or not, but...i am now completely up for selling my 90,  as i have decided at last to bring over my 1961 ex military 109 rag top and sankey trailer , so the 90 must sadly go to fund the shipping and some essential house repairs,   the 90 is in great shape inspected till 2018, will pass another easily im sure.
Has polybush kit fitted to front hockey sticks etc, time ran out to fit the rear before i had to head back to UK, but i may get time to fit the rest now i am back in NS,  loads of spares come with it, injector pipes, engine gasket set, poly bushes,and more,  axle bearings and seals were changed last year all round,  its a great little landy as with all landys theres always something to tinker with, and you will be glad to know it has all the right leaks in all the right places,   
but i really do prefer lwb so it has to go,
so is anyone interested, come see it make me an offer and lets get my 109 out here as soon as we can,    to be honest i have no idea what to offer it at, you guys know how much a decent landy is worth, so i would like some guidance,   my initial thoughts with spares (more than listed here) was $19,000 or i might take a decent shape car (no rusted out ones please haha) and a bit less cash,  so i am open to ...silly offers ...get silly answers.  cheers, Dave
Back in UK ...oh well never mind eh!