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1991 Ex Mod D90 2.5NA
« on: September 09, 2014, 01:10:46 AM »
Time for me to part with my 1991 Ex Mod D90. Building up a new business and additional family responsibilities require me to sacrifice my Defender. Hopefully it can go to a good home.

I picked up the vehicle in 2006, was last plated in 2011 when my son was born. I used it as a daily driver before that and thoroughly enjoyed driving it.

- I believe this one was based in Suffield AB. Peeling paint shows the red tops that appear common there. When I got it there appeared to be numerous new parts on it and the engine was apparently a recent rebuild.
- The frame looks generally solid, but there is a small crack on the inside of the RHS engine mount.
- 2.5 NA Diesel has been reliable for me and has been easy on fuel (10.5 to 11 l/100km or so).
- There is a black soft top that comes with it including roll bar and hood stays. The top has side windows and is made of a black vinyl-like material. I don't have a tailgate to go with the top but it should be easy to fit a Series unit.
- Some spare parts available including timing belt, clutch master cylinder, muffler and perhaps some odds and ends.

Some of the work I have done over the course of ownership:
- Replaced heater fan motor.
- New bearings on rear axle (came with no grease from MoD).
- New bearings in transfer case and drilled input spline.
- Replaced rear muffler.
- Installed galvanized fuel tank.
- Installed rear hitch
- Installed Espar block heater.

The truck has been off the road since 2011 and moved every month or so to mow the lawn. Some of the issues to address to get it back to road worthiness:
- Some rust through on the bottom of the bulkhead in the foot wells.
- Rubber components/boots show aging and cracking.
- Brakes are stiff -- perhaps can be persuaded to loosen up but not sure.
- Windshield wipers did not work when I started the truck up yesterday.
- Engine pedal felt stiff, perhaps cable needs lubrication.
- Espar sputtered and then shut off before getting up to temp, perhaps needs bleeding? Parts are apparently available for these units.
- Paint job is for the most part original MoD, meaning it has 8 to 10 coats of brush applied paint that is peeling spectacularly.

I am asking $5500 for the truck. It is located in Caraquet NB (30 minutes from Tracadie). PM or post here for details.

Some pictures:
Front view

LHS view


Small crack inside engine mount

Roof patch to cover observation hatch hole in roof

LHS foot well

RHS foot well

More pics at:

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Re: 1991 Ex Mod D90 2.5NA
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2014, 10:50:30 PM »
No interest? Is price an issue? Timing?



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Re: 1991 Ex Mod D90 2.5NA
« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2014, 01:11:36 PM »
Well, the truck if off to its new home in Halifax! Hopefully we'll soon see her out and about on the trails of NS.  :fing02