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NATO Plug w/ Trailer Cable
« on: April 03, 2014, 02:13:38 PM »
Back when my son and I were restoring his ex-MOD 110, I made up a trailer cable with a NATO 12-pin plug on one end to match up to the MOD bumper plug with a 4-wire converter so that it could be used with a standard North American trailer setup.  We could never quite get it to work correctly as the converter was something I found laying around in the shop and since my son never pulled a trailer with his Rover, I was never motivated to sort it.  Anyway, I just found this thing when I was spring cleaning the shop and since my son has sold the Rover, we have no need for it.  I just saw an e-Bay listing for a complete NATO cable for 129.99 GBP.  The cable we have isn't worth that but since the plugs are hard to find here, we'd like to get $60.

If interested, give me a call at 902.356.2685 or email at  In Liverpool, NS.